Smart Methodology and how to apply it

Over the past two years, our Change practice has been reconfiguring its challenges and tools to become a transformational agent of People’s work, preparing them for the challenges of Digital Being and SmartWorking.

With our colleagues from NextContinent, a global network of independent consulting firms, we interact in “Business Communities” to develop joint Future of Work solutions, so that we can provide more and better solutions to our customers.

Also, as we are working with Microsoft, we continue to develop solutions based on Office 365, in which Teams emerged as a robust solution to solve the collaborative work.

In turn, our Process Transformation practice integrated these and other automation & productivity tools, as well as analytics solutions, which allowed us to more immediately solve the race towards the Become Digital.

This is how SMARTWORKING was born, a combination of solutions around people’s work. Where Productivity & Collaboration is a unique reality, because changing the quality of people’s work, eliminating what reduces value and allowing them to enhance their capabilities becomes the priority.

Everything had been organized and maturing these solutions with concrete success cases that we are currently going through in different clients.

Then this global pandemic “COVID-19” broke out in the world and the order was altered…

Our decision was immediate. There is no doubt, SMARTWORKING is a solution that must be shared right now. We will finalize it in collaboration with our customers:

Because quarantine brought people home, because #WeAreResponsible, because #IStayHome, because #WeCareForEachOther;

  • Because the processes have to run tomorrow morning and we need to solve them smartly;
  • Because we need to ensure the operation of the clients while taking care of the people;
  • Because we need to help people who until yesterday were sitting next to each other to work in a virtual collaborative way, and they need to be able to do that;
  • Because you have to guide leaders to be good leaders of remote teams;
  • Because when this happens, SMARTWORKING will be an asset of every company. With employees more owners of their task, motivated, more responsible for their agenda, proactive, collaborating and creating a better personal experience;
  • Work will change at a speed we didn’t expect. SMARTWORKING is TODAY, FUTURE OF WORK is TODAY.

“The word SMART not only means “intelligent”, because of its translation from English, but also the letters that compose it are an effective checklist that will enhance the effectiveness of your inbound strategy when defining objectives. Each letter represents a requirement that your objectives must meet.”

Enrique Fernández | Hubspot Blog

In successive deliveries we will work on the 6 smartworking keys:

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