By combining best practices and more than 25 years of experience in Management, Processes, Technology and People, Paradigma implements specific measures based on a thorough analysis of costs and activities that add no value to the operation, considering CFOs from a double perspective:

* As leaders in the improvement of Company’s management and results.
* As actors who question Company’s Value Chain.

Foco en los resultados

– Design and implementation of Planning, Budgeting and Control Models.
– Investment Planning and Control.
– Performance Management & Reporting.
– Cost Management.

We work in the development and implementation of structural action programs, together with a set of quick wins that ensure immediate adoption.
At the same time, we work in reinforcing management models to achieve sustainable results.
In sum, definition and execution of integral optimization programs for increased profitability.

– Credits and Debt Collection.
– Stocks.
– Cash-Flow.
– Payments.
– Reporting and Management Model.

– Process Transformation Projects, applying best practices for each particular industry.
– Organizational Impact Analysis, Merger Processes or New Business.
– Implementation of Continuous Improvement Models.
– Process Alignment by Implementation of Core Systems.
– Workload and Process Optimization.
– Revisions Oriented Towards IT Investment Optimization.

– Feasibility Analysis, Design and Implementation of Shared Service Centers.
– Fast Diagnosis – Squeeze in established SSC.
– Optimization through process outsourcing alternatives – BPO.
– Contract Management.

– Design and Implementation of Operational Risk Management Models.
– SOX. Assistance in pre/post auditing preparation and revision.
– Control Environment Revision.
– Business Continuity Plans (BCP).
– Development of Government Model and Control Model.

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