HR areas should no longer be costs centers; instead, they should become benefit centers able to add value to end results

Our focus

Organizations expect from their HR executives to contribute to business efficiency by balancing cost reduction goals and human capital preservation.
Paradigma identifies the necessary resources and their organizational capacities to manage business processes increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Current economic situation offers an opportunity to make the most of existing investments and optimize companies’ own structures while maintaining service quality standards.
Our experience suggests that there are multiple dimensions to analyze when searching for opportunity areas to optimize services, costs and investments.
We help our customers to define a Human Resources strategy in line with the needs of the Company, optimizing internal HR area management.

The goal is to achieve a better integration of HR functions with business strategy and vision, maximize the return on investments and add value through successful management of HR processes. Balance short and long-term goals with desired results and factors triggering said results.

Squeeze Solutions is a suite of specific solutions for different Business Areas designed to optimize the cost/service relationship and make the most of existing investments.
We work to preserve organizations’ skillful resources, directing their efforts towards the most significant tasks, and to obtain maximum potential of available processes and solutions, involving and training key individuals from an integral, value-oriented vision. /p>

Success Stories