Keep Leading

To surf the wave, the important thing is the balance. 

Taking care of each other, adapting quickly, ensuring the sustainability of the business and building the future. 

That is what it is about to lead, by example, with commitment, being protagonists, without stopping to see what destiny has in store for us, being actors. Our agenda challenges us to act today and build for tomorrow. 


Read article by Luis Bendersky, Ceo y Co-Funder



Taking care of each other, prioritizing the impact on the community.  

>Empowering HSE and CSR. 

>Strengthening leadership, relationships and containment. 

>Privileging internal and external communications. 

>Prioritizing the management of key variables and financial health. 



Adapting to a new way of working, ensuring operational continuity and giving priority to actions. 

>Leading distributed teams, adopting an agile management culture and processes. 

>Adapting the physical and digital interaction with clients and marketing and service networks. 

>Adapting industrial operations, logistics and field work. 

>Rethinking the back office processes, making the most of digital technologies. 

>Become agile in the adoption of Smartworking and collaborative and remote work. 

>Accelerating the availability of the Technological Infrastructure. 



Prioritizing the sustenance of the business. 

> Enhancing retention and income regeneration. 

> Managing cash flow on a daily basis and taking care of cash flow to the maximum. 

> Rethinking the Zero Base operation by eliminating all non-essential expenses. 

> Reorienting investments and optimizing working capital. 

> Preserving the relationship with collaborators and strategic partners, and minimizing the impact on the community. 



Building the future, transforming the present. 

>Imagining how the business continues. 

>Rethinking customer experiences and new Go To Markets. 

>Transforming operations and the supply chain. 

>Hyper-accelerating the digital transformation. 

>Empowering Data Management. 

>Redefining management variables. 

>Redefining relationships and work dynamics with collaborators. 


As always with our clients, 

now surfing the wave. 


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