We have developed a set of solutions for this particular industry that help enhance organizations’ performance, productivity and processes, focusing on particular areas, including business management, marketing, information technology, logistics and distribution, administration and finance, retail operations, purchases and supplies and industrial operations, contributing our experience of more than 30 years working with leading companies through the application of practices and methodologies of proven effectiveness.


– Establishing commercialization channels and plans, setting price policies and promotions, and managing the Sales Force are the main challenges faced by Commercial Management.
– Agreements made with suppliers, competitors’ actions and their value offer should also be taken into account at the time of defining a company’s commercial strategy.
– On the other hand, the strengthening of Social Networks as customer communication tools, demands a redefinition and adaptation of marketing and advertising actions.
The need to evidence in measurable terms how marketing investments help a company achieve its goals is becoming more and more frequent these days. Therefore, ensuring the return of such investments is essential for these business areas.
The IT Department faces the challenge of positioning itself as a strategic business partner, making its contribution to Company’s goals, including profitability, differentiation, competiveness and efficiency increase.
Its is a priority for this area to place the right products in the right place, at the right time and in such conditions as desired, trying to maximize Company’s profitability.

In order to do so, it is essential to optimize management of the different components involved in the process, such as warehouses, transportation means, routes and technology, employing human and financial resources in the most efficient way possible.

It is a priority for this area to implement specific measures based on a thorough analysis of costs and activities that add no value to the operation, considering its role from a double perspective:
– As leaders in the improvement of Company’s management and results.
– As actors who question Company’s Value Chain.
Adequate store management implies addressing a wide variety of challenges with high impact on the business.
Maximizing service levels represents a real challenge when seeking to achieve the lowest market prices.

It is essential to fully understand the process that takes place throughout the entire value chain, the interactions with other departments and suppliers, the supporting technology and the existing management quality in order to identify those improvements that enable “best in class” performance.

It is essential to keep a suitable balance between operating costs and customer satisfaction/service level, guaranteeing quality of the goods produced and ensuring business sustainability.