We answer to the needs of those organizations seeking to improve project administration, understanding such adjustments as triggers for organizational changes.

Our Services

Organizations face recurring transformation processes as a result of fluctuations in scenarios and the need to meet objectives (growth, livelihood, etc.). 
Projects represent the most effective means to implement change. Each project can be managed in isolation or integrated through a program. 
Every initiative must be aligned with the strategic objectives of the business, as such it must first be defined before being prioritized and selected to be part of the portfolio. 

We have extensive proven experience accompanying our clients in creating success factors and facing the challenges of implementing agile frameworks for managing initiatives. Our approach addresses six aspects or levers for organizations to develop their capacities and competencies to obtain successful results.


Management of complex projects or a portfolio also requires support tools. These are a key component for standardizing and sharing information.

Transformation programs emerge as an organization’s response to changes in the scenarios. Through this service, we assist the organization assuming the role of QA and Trusted Advisor. 

To carry out the transformation processes, organizations may require assistance in hiring a strategic supplier.  
We help clients define contracting requirements until the supplier contract is awarded. 

Organizations articulate programs and projects to meet their strategic objectives (goals for growth, efficiency, continuity, simplification, standardization, regulations, etc.).  
These actions are led by key personnel in the organization, however, due to their complexity, it is necessary to have an external PMO service that can assist the organization and its project managers. 

To bring about a change in their day-to-day operation, organizations need to launch projects. Similarly, at the end of a project the organization must evaluate its impact on the day-to-day operation.  
At Paradigma, we manage projects with methodologies and practices that ensure their effective and successful completion, providing a comprehensive vision adjusted to the specific characteristics of each initiative. 

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