Since its formation in 1992, Paradigma has experienced steady and sustained growth. We have successfully completed more than 2000 projects in 16 countries across a wide range of industries, proudly increasing our customer base year after year.

With a team that has grown to more than 250 professionals who contribute their solid expertise and knowledge acquired through continuous training, Paradigma is positioned today as an innovative alternative to worldwide leading consulting firms.

Paradigma in numbers - 2023

We are driven by the continuous search for ways to improve our service offerings, permanently developing skills to provide effective solutions for increasingly complex problems.

Assist our customers in materializing their projects through the design and implementation of solutions that help organizations grow improving their profitability and performance.

To develop a consulting services company that becomes leader in each of the markets where it operates. Leader in customer satisfaction. Leader in satisfaction of its own people. Leader in Company’s attractiveness. Leader among the most inspiring places to work and develop as a professional.
Leader in reputation. Leader in development and innovation of value-adding services.

We run our business based on a comprehensive and simplifying vision with emphasis on questioning situations and developing useful and feasible solutions.
We build multidisciplinary work groups with our customers for the purpose of sharing knowledge and experience.
Our people are the engine, the passion, the brain and the muscle. We value their learning potential and their self-motivation towards knowledge, innovation and creativity for implementing acquired know-how.


We create customized solutions, with independence and objectivity, aligning our work with customers’ goals and always favoring personalized relationships based on trust.

We place special emphasis on training and know-how transfer, strengthening our people’s commitment towards continuous improvement.

“Customers are our passion. We think projects as if we were them, but from a different perspective and with the experience of previous developments, which helps them move forward with the confidence of having succeeded before.”

“We give the best of ourselves to obtain successful results, being responsible for the outcome of our efforts”.

“We align our efforts with our customers’, always walking hand in hand with them and pursuing similar goals”.

“People are the engine, the brain and the muscle of the Company. No consulting business can last long if its people don’t feel part of it.”

“It’s very rewarding to contribute good ideas. Without ideas and dreams it is not possible to face reality. And even more important is to be able to materialize such ideas and then enjoy the results.”

“Organizations that think about the future are able to define it and act over it, and have more opportunities to remain young and updated throughout time.”
“Future means to keep on building a place where innovation becomes a habit and each year is better than the previous one”.
“Everything is based on doing things right, with integrity, enthusiasm, flexibility, dedication and respect.”
“Vast experience helps obtain richer and more diverse knowledge, together with the ability to wisely apply such knowledge associating the right experience with the right problem.”
“We are convinced that human beings transcend through the traces left on other people, their lessons, their examples, the opportunities offered to others.”

We work for customers presencialy and remotely where they are, across the world.
We operate actively in Brasil, México, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Perú and Uruguay.

We are part of NextContinent, an international network of independent consultants, made up of more than 3000 consultants, present in 30 countries on 5 continents.

Nextcontinent is recognized as an attractive and alternative model to traditional global consultancies, differentiated by being more people-centred and attuned to local client cultures.
Nextcontinent unlocks value through the synergy of worldwide expertise and local market knowledge as a big, broad, strong international network of independent consulting firms
Read more about Nextcontinent’s vision for the future here. 


Paradigma’s Executive Team has the responsibility of managing the firm, supervising business practices and assisting Company’s accounts across different industries.

Executive Team members have extensive national & international experience in consulting services and are experts in leading change processes while fulfilling specific managerial functions in different projects of the Company.

These are the members of our Executive Team:

Luis D. Bendersky
Luis D. Bendersky CEO and Co-Founder
He oversees the day-to-day management of the company, leading the Talent, Marketing, Administration and Finance areas. He oversees the firm’s international and new business development as well as the Strategy & New Businesses and Profit & Performance Improvement practices.

He is actively engaged in account development and services in the Financial Industry, Industrial and Consumer Goods groups. He has led several projects including Business Start-up and Transformation, Valuation, Acquisition and Take Over; Process Reengineering, Organizational Design, and Organizational Change; and Systems Planning.

Daniel Farré
Daniel FarréPartner
He is especially involved in the development and management of accounts in the Financial Services Industry. He has led projects in Business Transformation, Process Reengineering and Design; Organizational Change, Systems Planning, New Business Ventures; and System Design, Development and Implementation.
Juan Defiore
Juan DefiorePartner
Responsible for the development and commercialization of consulting services for the Goods Industry, which includes the manufacturing, Consumer Goods and retail agribusiness, steel industry, energy and mining sectors.
Gustavo Calveiro
Gustavo CalveiroPartner
He oversees all projects for the Business Improvement and Transformation Area. He also coordinates the development and updates of the firm’s services in the market.
Gabriel Rosignoli
Gabriel Rosignoli Partner
He oversees the firm’s Organizational and Process Excellence area and is a recognized leader in the Financial and Insurance Services industry.
Eduardo Azpiroz Costa
Eduardo Azpiroz CostaPartner
He oversees our Project Integration Management practice and is actively engaged in the Telecommunications, Information Technology, and Media and Entertainment sectors.
Hernán Sabattini
Hernán SabattiniPartner
He oversees our IT Consulting & Services practice. He is actively engaged in Manufacturing industries, Consumer Goods, Engineering and Construction.
Pablo Guido
Pablo GuidoPartner
Responsible for the development of the Area of Expertise Operations and Supply Chain. He is actively engaged in Energy, Manufacturing and Consumer Goods industries.
Daniel Ríos
Daniel RíosPartner
He runs our Chilean operation. He has worked on several projects, mostly in IT, and is actively engaged in the account management in the Natural Resources, Mass Consumption and Retail industry.
Gabriela Sneider
Gabriela Sneider Partner
She oversees our People & Culture Evolution practice. She is responsible for the Health industry.
Carlos Colla
Carlos CollaPartner
He is one of the experts leading the firm’s Financial Services industry and Process Transformation.
Carolina Paz Tormo
Carolina Paz TormoDirector
Ileana Abolsky
Ileana AbolskyDirector
Gustavo Mattar
Gustavo MattarDirector
Martín Okoskyn
Martín OkoskynCorporate Human Resources Manager
Santiago Oriol
Santiago OriolCorporate IT Manager