The methodologies embedded in our services are regularly reviewed and adjusted to ensure their adequacy to our customers’ needs.

The distinctive feature about Paradigma’s Consulting Services is that we contribute a holistic and comprehensive view of the business and of the different areas that make up the Company.

We understand each improvement process as a complex and multidimensional challenge that affects every aspect of the organization. Therefore, our approach is oriented towards an integral vision of all change components, paying special attention to those factors leading to the achievement of sustainable results.

We always consider the relevance, urgency and impact of the desired improvement, as well as the required effort, time and capacity/availability of our customers’ human and financial resources. Based on our experience in each area, we work together with our customers developing different types of projects until both strategy and plans become real.

“We offer comprehensive services, from design and construction to effective execution of the final solution, implementing immediate-result actions throughout the process.”
We focus on easing solution implementation processes, evaluating progressive-result approaches to help Company’s self-financing and change acceptance.

We run our business from a comprehensive and simplifying perspective, with emphasis on questioning existing scenarios and developing useful and feasible solutions (result-oriented approach).

We are driven by the continuous search for innovative an distinctive solutions. And in order to achieve that, we count on the strong involvement and commitment of our Partners, Directors and Managers who contribute their vast experience in Organizational Change, Process Optimization, Information Technology, and Performance Improvement.

“Our knowledge of key business functions, combined with practical application of alternative solutions, allows us to share cultures and successful experiences among different industries, optimizing processes and results through cross-improvement techniques.”

Involvement and participation of Customers’ resources and Management teams are fundamental to complete a successful project, capitalize experiences throughout improvement processes and ensure sustainability of changes over time.

We build multidisciplinary teams together with our customers for the purpose of sharing knowledge and experience, and strengthening the sense of commitment of particular actors of the organization who will play key roles in accomplishing desired improvements.

“We apply a methodological approach that provides a suitable framework for the project, and in this context we assume full responsibility for Project Management and Quality Assurance, allowing us to ensure our customers fulfillment of deadlines and results.”