We work alongside our clients on their journey toward Agile Transformation maximizing the creation of success factors that ensure higher customer satisfaction, better time to market and higher return on investment (ROI).

Our value proposition is aimed at adopting or accelerating our clients’ transformation plan from achieving benefits through those initiatives that occur in a scenario that is constantly evolving.

We assist in the development and application of frameworks and in the complementation in portfolios of both traditional and agile initiatives. In the latter, we collaborate in the management of initiatives whose requirements change over time and where customer behavior is also unpredictable. The agile framework proposes flexible solutions that adapt to the results obtained rather than sticking to a predictive or sequential approach (i.e., applicable in specific contexts).
We have solid experience accompanying our clients into create success factors and face the challenges of their change processes–projects–.


We started working with the organization’s leadership team on the stage to ENVISION AND CREATE AWARENESS. In this instance an assessment was performed to evaluate the degree of initial maturity. Next, the team or key areas to form part of the change process and transformation from the very start are defined. As a result, a shared vision and the understanding of this new way of working is developed thanks to the facilitation process.

An EXPLORATION AND PILOT stage follows during which we map out the value flows and the initiative plan to define a first phase aimed at the implementation of new products/services under an end-to-end perspective. The pilot aims to achieve acceptance of the new way of working in the organization and captures insights. This experimental and incremental approach contributes to the identification and mitigation of problems that might occur at the escalation stage. Once new stage of maturity is achieved, the organization will be able to continue the change process.

Finally, we assist with the SCALING AND ACCELERATION to bring the organization to the third stage of maturity during this change process. The company will be able to continue, with or without assistance, adjusting the scope of the portfolio of agile initiatives and thus continue with its ongoing maturation process.

During these stages (“envision and raise awareness”, “exploration and pilot” and “scaling and acceleration”) we participate with different roles:
• Definition and development
• Coaching and accompaniment during implementation
• Supplementation of the work cells


 Our approach addresses 6 aspects or levers for organizations to develop their skills and competencies:

Strategy and Governance

  • Take advantage of the uncertain scenario to develop initiatives that generate a competitive advantage and create conditions to improve your reflexes for operating more effectively in uncertain scenarios.

Dynamics and Processes

  • Establish a framework that facilitates innovation and implementation of initiatives quickly and empowers the organization to act in the face of complex scenarios.


  • Develop cells or work groups geared toward generating value for the customer and ensure that cells operate as a system and not as isolated elements.


  • Work alongside management and individuals in defining targets and goals, and then share progress and achievements.

  • Develop conditions for individuals and cells to act autonomously, dynamically, with a strong sense of commitment, motivated to working in a collaborative environment that takes advantage of the capabilities of each individual.

Business Solutions

  • Establish the framework on which teams can operate by defining a scope of business solutions capable of making changes quickly and easily.

Infrastructure and Support Tools

  • Assist in defining the scope of infrastructure and support tools for launching, developing and implementing agile initiatives, and then scaling them mitigating any negative impact on time, service and cost (manage versioning, test automation, etc.).

  • Develop offices for planning and overseeing initiatives (PMO, TMO, AMO)
    – Install Governance Areas: PMO, AMO, TMO or equivalent to govern the project portfolio based on traditional, agile and hybrid models.
    – Accompany the leadership team in the definition and implementation of the operational, organizational and technological model of the areas responsible for defining, guarding and facilitating the governance model for transformation projects.

  • Generate Dynamics and a Culture of Initiative Management  
    – Carry out an assessment, propose improvements and accompany in the installation of dynamics to carry out change projects taking into account the needs of each area.
    – Assist in the optimization of dynamics and culture to manage the organization’s projects.
    – Implement team dynamics and empower individuals to install the work culture at the project level.

  • Design and Plan Transformation Programs in the Role of “Trusted Advisor”  
    – Assist the management committee of transformation program throughout the design and development stages.
    – Assist with the planning and sustainability of the program’s governance dynamics.
    – Ensure the reasonableness of the approaches, strategies and plans of the program’s initiatives.
    – Evaluate and mitigate impacts at the level of the different portfolio departments.
    – Support the follow-up to key contracts and relevant milestones during the development of the program.

  • Assist in portfolio execution and programs in the role of “PMO or Resource Supplementation”

  • Addressing and Managing Portfolios(Assisting PMO Management).
    – Assist in portfolio planning, monitoring and control.
    – Provide visibility into progress, risks and achievements, at the consolidated level, coordinate and control portfolio evolution.
    – Prioritize initiatives and manage portfolio changes (requirements management).
    – Ensure the alignment of techniques and tools, assist in the continuous improvement of the dynamics used.
  • Design and Plan Change Programs(Assist Project Management in PMO Function).
    – Assist in the Planning, Monitoring and Control of Initiatives comprising the Program.
    – Provide visibility into progress, risks and achievements.
    – Operate based on the defined methodology, tools and techniques.
  • Complement Capabilities with Resources. Assist projects or project area (PMO, TMO, AMO, etc.)
    – Assist the PMO or initiative front leaders with planning, monitoring and control at a more operational level.

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