“A changing business environment requires efficient and productive organizational structures and processes aligned towards achievement of corporate goals.

In this context, Process Offices face the challenge of proactively contributing to the design and implementation of solutions aimed at satisfying those purposes.”

Solutions for Process Offices

We assist Process Offices in the development of services for different Business Areas, contributing to strengthen their positioning as key agents of change, and in the evolution of their capacities and internal operation/management processes

We understand how technology applied to processes ensures their governability and continuous improvement.

We offer development of Management Models aimed at controlling all functions taking place in the Company, and creation of an information structure able to simplify decision making processes by means of:
– Design of Management Models.
– Design of Management Dashboards.
– Selection of Desktop and BI Tools.

We answer to Companies’ needs with a systemic approach that helps optimize their structure, increasing effectiveness, efficiency and flexibility, and their skills to adapt to a global environment in constant change.

We answer to organizations’ needs developing projects based on a Methodological Framework oriented towards process improvement through application of Best Practices in different industries and business areas.
Our goal is to develop more effective, efficient and flexible operational models, capable of adapting to an ever changing environment.

Squeeze Solutions is a suite of specific solutions for different Business Areas designed to optimize profitability levels making the most of existing investments.
We assist Process Offices in proactively offering solutions appropriate for current times of economic uncertainty.